Monday, February 23, 2009

Under 190

Hurray!!! I did it! I am finally under 190 lbs. I weighed in at 189 exactly. That is another 2.4 lbs and 1.25% of weight loss for the week. I thought I was doomed after the "kid shower" at work. Luckily, one day of crap did not ruin the entire week. So tell me what you I look thinner? ;-) Maybe one day people other than me will be able to notice the difference. Here's to hopin'!

Monday, February 16, 2009

I'm A Loser!

After many long hours in the gym and starving myself half to death, I have finally lost some weight!!! Ok, in all starvation and only a few hours in the gym. I was so discouraged by the tiny losses the past two weeks, I decided to really put my mind to dropping some weight. I was working out as much as possible and eating as well as I could. I think I may have neglected my husband with as much time as I was at the gym. Is it a problem to come home at 8:45 after a 6:00 workout??? I did fall off the healthy eating wagon once this week. Thursday meetings are terrible. We have a wonderful teacher on our team who loves to bring in goodies for us each Thursday for our team meetings. I used to look forward to the meetings for that very reason. However, now I dread them. I have such a hard time resisting the temptation if it is sitting right in front of me staring me down. Yes...the food was staring at me!!! How could I refuse? Five or six bite size candy bars and two handfuls of chips later, I finally stopped! Whew!! It could have been worse I guess. we go...
I am now 191.4 lbs. I lost 2.4 lbs this week for a total percentage of weight loss of 1.24%. Not as much as what I was going for, but good progress. I feel much better. I am even starting to fit some clothes that were a bit tight before. EXCITING!!

Here is me after the Monday workout. Like my new workout pants?

I am wearing a skirt that was very tight before. I can finally breathe in it! Hurray! Skinny clothes, here I come!

For Valentine's Day, the family went up to Disney! This would have normally been a time to splurge and eat everything that I could because it was there and I wanted it. I had a huge breakthrough. I went to Disney and did not stop at every snack stand to get myself "just a little something." I ate a very small lunch (which I split with Peter) and NOTHING else! Yay me! Enjoy some pictures of us "goofing" around.
Me in Paris. Bonjor! it a problem that I am literally dancing my way through the streets of France?

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Waiting outside the Turkey Leg stand at 10:45 am. They do not open until 11:00 and one member of the family needed to be the first in line. No, it was not me or Peter! ;-)

Monday, February 9, 2009

Last week I thought that I had hit the bare minimum of weight loss that a person could hit in one week and still say that they did in fact lose weight. much for that thought. My goal of 5 pounds last week went right out the window. Drum roll please...I lost .2 pounds. That is absolutely ridiculous. I am now 193.8 lbs. I was really hoping that the number would be better. I tried to do all the right things. Belinda and I joined a gym. We are now official and no longer have to sneak in to take a class. We went Saturday for our, now traditional, workout and tea at Starbucks. Belinda was a fabulous trainer and I am still sore from that work out. We really pushed ourselves! Yeah us!!
I think that what did me in this week, was not watching closely enough what I ate. That is the goal for this week. I have a good workout routine going so now I will focus on eating better. The hard part is that I didn't think I was eating all that terrible in the first place. Oh well...This week, once again, is a new week.
New goal 4 lbs. I still really am working on being less than 190.
Wish me luck!

Ok, be honest. Does it look like I am losing any weight? I have had mixed reviews on that. I feel better so I guess that is something.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Slowly But Surely

Well...I did lose weight this week. Not nearly as much as I would have liked, but I guess I can't complain. I really thought that it was possible that I would have gained, so all in all .8 lbs. is not that bad. read that correctly... .8 not even one whole pound. I know that it is week 2, but seriously. This week my goal is to break the 190 barrier. As of today it is exactly 194. Cheer me on!
Here is this week's photo. This was taken post afternoon workout, which by the way, was absolutely terrible. Taebo is worse than I ever imagined. I have to say that I am already feeling it though, so I guess it is not all bad!
Happy Monday!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Oh my I was fat!

Here are some pictures of me looking very fat. I really hate posting these so be nice. I'm working on it!!

This was the 4th of July of 2008. Do I look huge or what?

This is me at the spot we got married on our first anniversary (11/16/07). I definitely gained some weight in one year.

This was also on our first anniversary trip. We were out to dinner or something. Geeze!!

This is on the first day of school this year (August 2008)

Enjoy these pictures now, as they will be the last of the fat ones. You will no longer be seeing pictures of me looking so engorged.

I can't believe I am starting a blog!

I started this blog for a couple of reasons. First, my husband is sick of me spending hours of my day looking at other peoples blogs. Second, I thought that it would be a good way to keep in touch with all the people back home. And third, I wanted to show you all what I am working on...losing weight.
Since I moved to Florida in 2006, I have been attempting to lose some weight. When I got here I was at my heaviest (around 200 lbs) and I was determined to get skinny again. I lost some before our wedding in November of 2006, but nothing really notable. I just simply have not had the motivation or true desire to change my lifestyle. I just loved chocolate and Coke too much. I usually blamed the eating and lack of exercise on the stress at work and my extremely long drive home. Just excuses!!
Now, I am ready and I am doing it for myself. No one is pushing me into it or trying to guilt me into getting healthy. Some friends at work started "The Biggest Loser". There are over 20 participants and every week we weigh and calculate our percentage of weight loss. I absolutely love the support! It makes it soooo much easier when there are others around you working for the same goal. Each week we have our wonderful social worker (who is also a fitness instructor) lead a workout after school. We also workout on a couple other days a week in the media center. It makes working out so easy and convenient!! A freind and I also go to a step class every Saturday. Belinda, you rock!!!
I started The Biggest Loser at 197.2 lbs. WOW!!! I never thought that I would admit that to anyone, let alone to the whole world on a blog. So liberating! Last Monday we weighed in and I was 194 lbs. That was a 1.22 percentage of weight loss. Not great, but certainly not terrible. Tomorrow we have our second weigh in. I will update each week with numbers and a picture to show you my progess!
Wish me luck!!!