Saturday, October 3, 2009

8 pounds and counting

Hurray for me!! We have been doing the biggest loser at school for three weeks now. I weighed in yesterday and found out that I have lost eight pounds so far! That is just amazing to me! I must say that for the first two weeks, I really worked hard. I was going to a fitness bootcamp for two days a week and then I was at the gym for most other days. This past week, I did nothing. I ate poorly, did not work out, and yet I still managed to lose about a pound. That really makes me think of what I could have lost if I had worked hard...that is a crappy feeling. The good news is, I am back to work this week. I spent an hour at the gym today and will do the same tomorrow! I will be going back to bootcamp for two days this week, which I must say, as of right now, I am not looking forward to. That lady really kicks my butt! My goal for this week...5 pounds!! You think I can do it? Wish me luck and keep rooting me on!