Sunday, September 20, 2009

Back on the Wagon

Well...needless to say, the summer was not good for me in the weight loss department. I had way too much fun with friends and family, and did not do much to think about losing weight. Let's be honest, I didn't even do much to think about not gaining weight. I am truly embarrassed to say that I gained all the weight back that I lost in the spring and even put on a few extra pounds just for good measure. When I say embarrassed, I mean it. My friends were all pretty shocked that I would post my weight on a blog where the whole world could see and I would always say, "well...what is there for me to do? I am losing the weight, and I know that it is bad, so who cares who sees that I am trying to make a change." I am now so embarrassed that I do not want to post my weight. If you remember what I weighed in the beginning, you should be able to figure out the number pretty close. Just keep in mind that I am once again doing something about it and THIS TIME I MEAN IT!!! I guess I really didn't realize how easy the whole yo-yo thing is to do. I always thought, once you have lost a bunch of weight, why on earth would you put the weight back on. How stupid do you have to be? Pretty stupid I guess, but it is just so easy to do!!!
The biggest loser started back up at school, so some of my motivation is back. The first week, I lost 4.4 lbs. That is preety darn good I'd say!!!! A friend also invited me to start going to a bootcamp with her. I have gone twice now, and I LOVE IT!!! It truly kicks my butt and makes me work so much harder than I would on my own. By five minutes into the class, I want to die...literally. By the end, I feel as though I have truly accomplished something. My good friend and work out partner moved schools. She is now an assistant principal, so I can't really blame her for the move. I am, however, without my partner at school. We kept eachother on track and in line. Now it is just up to me...either that or I will be emailing her A LOT!! She is still my workout partner though, so that is the good news. We will still be meeting at the gym on a regular basis.
Here we go again...
Keep rooting me on!