Sunday, April 1, 2018

The Resurrection brings new life

Happy Easter! He is risen!
While thinking about Easter and explaining the true meaning of this celebration to my children, I got to thinking about my life. What is God's purpose for me? Am I doing all I can to fulfill that calling?
I truly believe that God wants me to help this world's children. Most importantly, my own children. Am I doing enough? Am I making them the ultimate priority in my life? The answer is no...
My family IS my first in my heart, but not in my actions. Don't get me wrong, I feel I am a good mother. I adore my sweet babies! I love them, care for them, meet their every need and provide the best life I can for them. has become a chore. I go through the motions as a mom ensuring we all get through the day. Lunches are made, kids get to school, everyone gets home, dinner is made, homework is done, noses are wiped, boo boos are kissed, baths are taken, stories are read, and the kids are in bed dreaming sweet dreams. This is the same routine day after day. Notice what's missing?
Adventures, silliness, playtime, creations,
Again, don't think that none of this ever happens, but it doesn't happen enough. Why? The answer is ME. I am too tired, too distracted, too stressed, too overwhelmed, too consumed by all of life's trials and by things that just don't matter.
The Resurrection brings new life. What joy this brings me right now! My life and my family's lives are renewed. This is the time to make some changes and begin again. And it all starts with me.
It is time for a change. A change in mindset, a change in health, and a change in my priorities. Thank God for this beautiful life He has given me and for guiding me to fulfil my purpose.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Best Three Months of My Life

You hear mothers say that you really don't know how much you can love until you have a child. I always knew they were right and thought I understood. I didn't. Josephine is the most precious thing I have ever known. I look at her and I see a piece of her dad and a piece of myself and it is truly awe inspiring. My life is forever changed and I can't imagine it any other way!!!

The first month was filled with a slew of trial and error. By the time our baby girl turned one month old, we felt like pros (or as much like pros as parents ever feel). We grew to know Josephine's every whimper, cry, fuss, and squeal even if we didn't know quite how to make everything better. We worked through eating issues and sleeping issues. In the blink of an eye Joey was 1 month old...

As Joey grew and became more familiar with her world, she became even more fun to watch and interact with. Her personality was beginning to show. So cute, our little Jo Jo Monkey!

Three months oh my what can change in 12 short weeks. She can now play and laugh. She knows her mommy and daddy and smiles when she sees us. She lifts her head and sits up tall (while mommy holds on tight). We get so excited at each new thing she learns. Just today she grabbed a toy out of my hands and with one fluid movement, took it to her mouth. She knew what she wanted and now knows how to get it! This has truly been the most wonderful three (almost four) months of my life!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Welcome Baby Josephine

Peter and I were ready to spend a nice relaxing weekend hanging around the house and getting a few things done before Josephine came. Friday night, I went to bed and I didn't sleep well. I was having some minor pains all through the night, but it was nothing that I could really put my finger on. I woke up Saturday morning and the pains continued. They were not strong and were not really regular, but they did feel like cramps, so I thought it was possible they were contractions. I began timing them and they were very irregular. They continued all day, gradually getting stronger and more pronounced. I was really staring to think that Josephine was going to make her appearance soon. Sure enough, by about 2:0o Sunday morning, I told Peter that I needed to call the doctor. He told me to go ahead on in to the hospital. Finally after about 6 hours in triage, they admitted me to labor and delivery. The contractions were strong by then but I was only about 1 cm dilated. By about 4:00 in the afternoon, I was ready for my epidural. After the epidural, I felt fine, but Josephine decided to back up out of the birth canal and I stopped dilating. After 20 hours of labor, and progress at a stand still they decided to take me in for a c-section. We welcomed our little girl at 11:20 on Sunday, February 27, 2011. As it turned out, God was watching over us, because Josephine's cord was wrapped tightly around her neck twice and had we attempted to have her vaginally, she could have been in serious danger.

Josephine Ryne Scalia 6lbs. 10 oz. 18 inches.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

30 Weeks and Counting

I am now officially into the third trimester of this pregnancy. I have truly enjoyed some parts and have hated others. Josephine is already such a huge part of our lives and she provides us with constant entertainment. She is moving all the time now and Pete loves to feel her move and talk and "play" with her. She really seems to recognize his voice. She moves around a lot more when he is around and talking. Watching him interact with her is more enjoyable for me than I can put into words. It is becoming increasingly difficult to sleep and for those of you who know me well, you know how much I love and need my sleep. Indigestion has been the worst part of pregnancy for me. I get heartburn every day without fail and it does not seem to make a difference what or when I eat. I am finding ways to cope, but it really sucks sometimes. The bigger I get the more uncomfortable I become...I'm not sure why I would have expected anything else.
All in all, I am enjoying the experience, but I can't wait for Josephine to come out and meet us!

This is on Thanksgiving...around 25 weeks.

This is about 27 weeks.

And this is about 28 weeks.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Baby Girl!!

I have been progressing well with the pregnancy. I am beginning to enjoy it (some days more than others). I am now at 22 weeks. I am finally at the point that others can tell for sure that I am pregnant rather than questioning if it is just a fat gut. I wanted to wait for this point until I posted belly pics. We went to the 20 week ultrasound and doctor's appointment about two weeks ago. They told us that the baby is doing well. We heard the heartbeat for the first time. It was truly amazing!
During the ultrasound we found out that we are having a girl!!! We are so excited to welcome her into our little family. We decided on the name Josephine Ryne. It has no family significance, we both just really liked the names! We are now just watching as Joey grows and begins to move around. I can feel her most days, but Pete is still not quite sure if he is feeling her or not. We will just have to wait until she gets a bit bigger.

This was about 8 weeks. She was just a speck.

This was at about 16 weeks. She was getting bigger. More baby like. She was small enough that you can see all of her.

This is one of the better pictures we got at 20 weeks.

About 16 weeks.

Today at 22 weeks.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Baby on the Way

I have been waiting to post this, but I think it is about time. Peter and I are expecting our first child in March. We couldn't be more happy! I am now at 16 weeks which means I am finally feeling good and I am much less tired that I have been in the weeks prior. I am noticing a baby bump beginning to pop out and I am anxiously awaiting getting to feel the baby move. We have our next doctor's appointment on Oct. 7th and we MAY find out the sex on that day. Then again we may have to wait a couple more weeks, but either way we should find out in the next month or so!! Peter is already the best dad! He is more excited than I expected him to be and is playing an extremely active role in preparing for baby's arrival. He has been spending at least 5 hours a day painting a beautiful mural in the baby's room. We decided to go with a Dr. Suess theme in the nursery. He was so excited to paint the room and make it something special for our son or daughter.
This takes up one entire wall and it has taken Peter no less than 48 hours of solid painting. It is truly beautiful!
We are excited to keep everyone updated on the progress of the pregnancy and when baby finally arrives!