Saturday, April 18, 2009

My loves

I have been feeling very reflective in the past few days. I was thinking about all the wonderful people I have in my life and how blessed I am to have them. My life is filled with people who care about me and who I adore. My mom and brother who live so far away, but are still so close, all of my in laws, my nieces, my amazing husband, my closest friend Alyssa who I could not live without, my dear Becca who is going to give me another little surrogate niece of nephew, and even the people I work with. What would I do without you all? Thank you for loving me and supporting me!

My sister in law just had her second child, which means I am an aunt again. I am absolutely in love with these precious girls. Cara is now about a year and a half and Kiley is about two weeks.

Cara said "Hi Choley!" yesterday on the phone. Cassy (my sister in law) calls me Nicholey (pronouncing the ch). I about died. She has said "Hi Pete!" to Peter on the phone a couple of times and I have been so incredibly jealous.

Cara is such a good big sister! She kisses Kiley and rubs her gently. She likes to tell us about her baby when we talk on the phone!

What would I do without this man? He is the silliest, funniest, most caring and loving person in the entire world. He tells me everyday that he loves me and shows me how much he cares. He is my best friend and the love of my life....Okay, enough of the sappy stuff.

And while he is not a person, I truly do love this fluff. Goose...yes Goose...don't so precious. Peter says I am turning into the crazy cat lady. I can't help it. You would too if you met this guy. Goose decided to make our tray into his own personal lounging spot. He so runs this house!