Sunday, September 26, 2010

Baby on the Way

I have been waiting to post this, but I think it is about time. Peter and I are expecting our first child in March. We couldn't be more happy! I am now at 16 weeks which means I am finally feeling good and I am much less tired that I have been in the weeks prior. I am noticing a baby bump beginning to pop out and I am anxiously awaiting getting to feel the baby move. We have our next doctor's appointment on Oct. 7th and we MAY find out the sex on that day. Then again we may have to wait a couple more weeks, but either way we should find out in the next month or so!! Peter is already the best dad! He is more excited than I expected him to be and is playing an extremely active role in preparing for baby's arrival. He has been spending at least 5 hours a day painting a beautiful mural in the baby's room. We decided to go with a Dr. Suess theme in the nursery. He was so excited to paint the room and make it something special for our son or daughter.
This takes up one entire wall and it has taken Peter no less than 48 hours of solid painting. It is truly beautiful!
We are excited to keep everyone updated on the progress of the pregnancy and when baby finally arrives!