Sunday, June 12, 2011

Best Three Months of My Life

You hear mothers say that you really don't know how much you can love until you have a child. I always knew they were right and thought I understood. I didn't. Josephine is the most precious thing I have ever known. I look at her and I see a piece of her dad and a piece of myself and it is truly awe inspiring. My life is forever changed and I can't imagine it any other way!!!

The first month was filled with a slew of trial and error. By the time our baby girl turned one month old, we felt like pros (or as much like pros as parents ever feel). We grew to know Josephine's every whimper, cry, fuss, and squeal even if we didn't know quite how to make everything better. We worked through eating issues and sleeping issues. In the blink of an eye Joey was 1 month old...

As Joey grew and became more familiar with her world, she became even more fun to watch and interact with. Her personality was beginning to show. So cute, our little Jo Jo Monkey!

Three months oh my what can change in 12 short weeks. She can now play and laugh. She knows her mommy and daddy and smiles when she sees us. She lifts her head and sits up tall (while mommy holds on tight). We get so excited at each new thing she learns. Just today she grabbed a toy out of my hands and with one fluid movement, took it to her mouth. She knew what she wanted and now knows how to get it! This has truly been the most wonderful three (almost four) months of my life!


  1. What a precious girl! I love the picture you sent so so much!

  2. Beautiful girl! So happy for you three! Keep the pics coming!